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VW Settlement

What Happened?

In 2015, the EPA discovered Volkswagen had been selling diesel vehicles that were emitting nitrogen oxide (NOx) pollutants up to 40 times above what is legally permitted. This resulted in a settlement that required VW to pay $3B towards a trust fund for environmental mitigation and clean-emissions infrastructure.

What does this mean for you?

When your state applies for the trust, it will receive money to fund eligible mitigation actions that replace diesel emission sources with cleaner technology to reduce excess NOx emissions.

How can Cummins help?

When applying for the VW trust money and submitting an expense plan, experts at Cummins are available to consult and guide you through the grant application process.

Accepting Applications*





Feb 15, 2019

Grant program for replacement of diesel school buses with all-electric 

Michigan Oct 15, 2019 Grant program for replacement of old diesel buses with clean diesel and alternative fuels


First come, first served

Rebate program for replacement of class 4-7 diesel trucks, school buses, and other vehicles
Pennsylvania May 10, 2019 Grant program for replacement or repower of diesel class 8 trucks
Pennsylvania Sept 23, 2019 Grant program for replacement or repower of diesel class 8 trucks

*This chart is updated on a regular basis. Please check back regularly or contact your Cummins representative for details on your state.


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