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Custom Enclosure Specialists
Cummins Power Generation Packaging Center, based in Denver, not only provides you with Cummins Power Generation products including diesel standby, natural gas standby and rental power, we also specialize in custom enclosures and packaging to fit your specific power needs. Our sales support and application team works directly with you to custom design your packaging requests. Cummins provides solutions to meet noise ordinances as well as aesthetic considerations from stand-by power and prime power requirements.  We work with local engineering firms when wind or seismic calculations are required to assure the structure is right for the task at hand.  When the project is complete we offer on-site assembly crews whose experience allows for the installation to run smoothly, and lower installation costs by decreasing crane time and by completing all the final work and finishing touches that are needed after being shipped.


  • UL2200: Cummins PGPC was the first generator packager on the market today to attain the UL2200 certification mandating design, construction, and performance of stationary engine generators.  
  • UL142/UL2085: Fuel tanks, both sub-base and stand alone are constructed to UL142 standards.  Materials include 7 Gauge Steel, formed side rails and 10 Gauge Steel tank tops, engineered to handle the load of the tank and the generator set.

Our Premier line up of custom enclosures range from weather protective or insulated units to specific sound level criteria and sound attenuated units.  These units can include light industrial stairs and platforms to provide easy and secure access for maintenance.  All service points are easily accessible, with room to carry out necessary maintenance procedures, particularly in an emergency.  We design each unit with precision based on your specific material, business standards, and color needs.  All units include fuel systems, electrical installed wiring, emission controls, silencers, flexible connectors and insulation.  Manufactured by highly skilled, AWS D9.1 certified welders, our Custom Packages are built with quality workmanship and crafted locally in Denver, CO.

Power Generation Markets
Our custom enclosures have been engineered and constructed for virtually every category or business.  Specific requirements are met based on your environmental needs and corporate standards, as well as City, County, and State Regulations.  Some markets that utilize our products include:

  • Information Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Telephone Utilities
  • Public Heath institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biomedical
  • Railway Switching
  • Hydro Utilities
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Military

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